Waldorf Strawberry Elf

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Waldorf Strawberry Elf
This adorable Waldorf doll is unique and is a great addition to your child’s collection. This doll stimulates your child’s fantasy and imagination. She wears a cute strawberry outfit with a small strawberry bag. She has long, pink funky hair which can be easily styled with the fingers. What an original doll! In the tradition of Waldorf education, children’s creativity and imagination are inspired by simply designed all-natural toys. The Waldorf dolls are all individually handcrafted and not mass produced. They are warm and cuddly, tempting children to place them in their arms, and therefore to develop affection and zeal. The neutral features help to develop a child’s imagination to see the doll laugh, cry, sleep, be sad or happy. Our Waldorf dolls are soft and warm and they just ask to be pampered and loved by a child.
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