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Cuddly Babies: in one piece sleeper suit and colorful pointed cap. This is a sweet doll to cuddle with. The size and the softness makes it ideal for your baby.

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All kaloo products are created with the greatest of care and attention under the supervision of quality engineers. All facial features are stitched in computer embroidery to ensure the longevity of the products and avoid any detachment of the threads. Kaloo fabrics have some added qualities that ensure the durability of the products: Colour resistance to immersion in water, perspiration, and saliva. Machine wash at 30C and tumble dry recommended. To conserve the color and quality of this product, avoid soaking, washing by hand and hanging to dry. Microfiber: For beddings and toys in microfiber, machine wash separately at 30C, do not use bleach or softening agents. Do not wash with other microfibers. Tumble dry at low temperature.

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Just how is she going to carry that wand? Lily Lightly was born in August and she loves every color of the rainbow! Her favorite gems are diamonds and her favorite thing to do is giggle so much that her horn lights up! Pretty purple-colored pony has flowing pink-and-purple hair! Primp and prepare your pony for a special pony occasion! Then press this pony’s necklace and watch her eyes blink, her horn glow and her pretty pink-and-white dress light’s up with a stunning glow! Pony figure comes with necklace and light-up dress, 4 shoes, 2 barrettes and brush.

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Welcome to the world of Sky Dancers!:Each beautiful sky dancer unfolds her elegant wings and flies with the wind.::Watch them twirl and dance in the air as they lead you into a world of beauty and magic.

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